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My Mom, My sister Nancy and Me.

Carol at 3 months old

Fella and Me

In Camp Play

Sister Inspired Book

I was born in the Bronx, and as far back as I can remember, I always loved books. My mother used to take my sister and me to the library and I can recall thinking how exciting it was to be able to pick out as many books as I wanted, and take them home for free! Nancy is holding the book, but I can't wait to have my turn!

Eventually moving to Queens, I got my Masters degree at Queens College, NY. in early childhood education. I taught kindergarten for a few years, but when my daughter Wendy was born, I decided to stay home and do the most important job of all ... being a mom. I raised her and my son Glenn, and when they were older, I went back to school and took courses in children's book writing. I was hoping to create books that would give children the kind of pleasure I received from them as a child.


I was born with so much hair, that I had to have a haircut at three months old!

At one year old, I couldn't talk, but I could sing "Happy Birthday." The only problem was that I sang it as, "Ha-ba-ba-to-do!"

I love to write books about animals, but I have only had two pets. My first pet was a turtle named George. He didn't do very much, except I did train him to crawl over a broomstick. My second pet was a parakeet named Fella. I adored him, and I taught him to say, "Hello pretty boy," and "I love you!"

When I was eleven years old, my parents sent me to sleep away camp for the very first time. I cried all the way up on the bus, because I didn't want to go. Then I decided I loved camp, so I cried all the way home on the bus because I didn't want to come home. Go figure!

I was never too good at sports in camp, but I did like to be in camp plays. It was nice to finally find something that I could do well.

When I was a little girl, I had to share a room with my sister. She was very messy and I was very neat. We had a problem! But that gave me the inspiration to write my first book, WHOSE MESS IS THIS?

is that I love being a wife to Mark, a mother to Wendy and Glenn, and a grandmother to Jake, Ethan, Adam, and Sydney.

You can contact Carol at: Carol@AuthorCarolRoth.com