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Hold That Temper, Tiger

Little Tiger has a temper! He stomps his paws, cries, and growls when he doesn't want to do something. But when his mom says, "Hold your temper or else," Little Tiger has to make some changes. Where will he hold his temper? In his pocket . . . in his underwear?

Now Available in Bookstores!

A ducky new tale from the creators of Five Little Ducklings Go to Bed bring you

Five Little Ducklings Go to School

It's time for the five little ducklings to go to school. Four of the little ducklings shout, "YIPPEE! HOORAY! OH BOY!" The fifth little duckling sobs, "BOO-HOO! I won't go to school! I'm going to miss you!" But when Mama reminds them, "Even though we'll be apart, we'll still be in each other's heart," the little ducklings go forth and soon discover "School is great!"

It's bedtime for the five little ducklings. The first little duckling says, "Okay. It's been a very busy day." The second little duckling says, "Come on! Let's go and put our jammies on." But when the fifth little duckling says with delight, "I'm not going to bed tonight..." - the smooth-running train to bedtime is temporarily derailed. However, a little cooperation from the ducklings and a little love from Mama duck soon set things right for a happy, snuggly night.

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When sleepy little kitty wakes from her nap, she can't find her mommy. She asks the barn animals for help.

Her new friends are happy to help.

"Moo!" says the calf. "Oink!" says the pig. "Quack!" says the duck.

After all, that's how they call their mommies. Poor little kitty's mommy is nowhere to be found...until kitty tries one more thing.

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Said the bunny to his mother, just as sweetly as could be, "When the baby bunnies come, will you still love me?"

"Of course," said Mother Bunny. "You're my extra-special one. And I'll love you just as much when the baby bunnies come."

Every child is anxious about the arrival of a new brother or sister. In Carol Roth's sweet, comforting story, various animal mothers-and one human one-reassure their little ones that love has no limits, and they will be loved as much as before. Daniel Howarth's soft watercolors tenderly depict the mother-child bond.

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"Kiss, kiss," say the mommies. "I love you."

"Hug, hug," say the daddies. "Love you, too!"

It's a workday morning, and animal mommies and daddies are heading off on the train. All day they do their jobs, and in the evening, they ride the train home to their waiting children. There's dinner, books, baths, and lots of cuddling.

Carol Roth's reassuring rhymes and Steve Lavis's friendly, funny animal parents show young readers that moms and dads go away - but always come back.

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Little Bunny, an only child, is so lonely that he cannot sleep, so he asks his friends Squirrel, Skunk, Porcupine, Bear, and Owl if he can stay with them, only to discover that his own bed is best.

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It's bedtime, but Woolly the little lamb can't find his mother. Who will tuck him in?

"I will, I will," said Mrs. Cow. "Don't you worry. I know how. Everything will be all right. I'll tuck you in real snug and tight." But Mrs. Cow wraps poor Woolly up so tight that he can't move.

"STOP!" cries Woolly. "That's not right! Oh, who will tuck me in tonight?"

Mrs. Cat, Mrs. Horse, Mrs. Pig, and Mrs. Duck all try, but their efforts prove disastrous, and Woolly grows more and more desperate. Mother Sheep returns at last and tucks her little one in just right—as only a mother can.

From the team who created the best-selling Little Bunny's Sleepless Night comes another comic, yet sweet and satisfying, bedtime story.

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Here comes the school bus, beep, beep, beep! Step right up and take a seat with a sleepy sheep, a squirmy worm, a hairy bear, a quick, quick chick, a fox with socks, a pig in a wig, and a goat in his coat, and ride the bus to school, to school, and ride the bus to school!

The bouncy, rhyming text and the bright, witty pictures make The Little School Bus a ride that children will want to take over and over again.

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"The familiar actions and the turn-around format make this useful for pre-school storytime, and appealing to very young children." (School Library Journal)

"With a corps of frisky, balletically capering porkers and a circular counting rhyme that can be started from either end of the book, Paparone and Roth take children cycling from mud puddle to bathtub and back." (Booklist)

"The stories work well together, and you can expect to be asked to flip it over and over so listeners can pore over the details in the illustrations." (The Horn Book Guide)

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Mama and Papa Mouse had six little darlings. Five were quiet as a mouse, and one was very noisy. They often found this annoying, but one night, the noisy mouse saved them all by being very loud and very brave!

What if butterflies were big,
and elephants were small?
I'd still love you the best of all.

Silly, rhythmic text and warm, tender illustrations join together in this comforting book about the special love between a parent and child. You'll want to cuddle up and read this book over and over again!

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Two pig sisters, one messy, one neat, have problems sharing a bedroom until each learns to appreciate the other's ways.